Saturday, June 6, 2009

Arc welding tips for beginners

So you've gone to the hardware store and bought yourself a fan-cooled arc welding machine. You've purchased some welding rods, some gloves and a half decent helmet if the machine didn't come with one. You're sitting there with the two bits of metal clamped together and your gear all hooked up, flip the switch and find your rod sticking to the work piece and tripping the power supply. Very annoying. Ever wondered what the right technique is to start off that rod when you're arc welding?

Expert Village has some pretty nice videos that show you how to get over the initial annoyance of the arc welding rod

The idea being to touch the piece then lift the rod off to start your arc off :).

There are also tips from beading to how to finish your bead without burning holes through everything! You should be up and running in no time.


Daniel said...


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Preeti said...

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